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Coir Pith

Screened Coir Pith Manufacturer cum supplier – Sairama Coir Industry Coir Pith is extracted from coconut husks and widely used as an excellent base for growing tomatoes, roses, etc. Coir Pith is 100% organic, has high water absorbing property within its cellulose structure and maintains humidity for a long time. Read more…

Sairama Coir Industry – Curled Coir Rope
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Curled Coir Rope

Curled Coir Rope Manufacturer cum supplier The raw material used to produce Curled Coir Rope is processed using sophisticated technology. We are one of the highly acclaimed Coconut Curled Coir Rope Manufacturers & Suppliers in East Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh. Our Coconut Coir Rope is Eco-Friendly, durable and cost effective. Read more…

Sairama Coir Industry – Coir fiber
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Coir Fiber

Manufacturer cum supplier of Coir Fiber Sairama Coir  works is a leading manufacturer of natural Coir Fiber.  It is taken from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the Coconut Plant. Coir fiber is extracted from coconut husk. Husk contains 1/3 fiber and 2/3 coir pith. We are extracting Read more…